Soap UI Tutorial-

Soap UI Tutorial
1. Introduction about Soap UI tool and Web Services?
What is Soap UI? Why soap UI for Web service Testing?
Soap UI Features and benefits.
What is Web services and scope of Web services & Testing.
Why Web services Testing in needed? And Real Time Example
SOAP model and Architecture

2. introduction about xml’ and Scema Validation
What is xmls?
Scema validation in Xmls on SoapUI.
Scema types and Binding
XMl Messages
Soap Formats and soap Envelope (Headers+Body+Message)
3.WSDL Explanation
About WSDL URL, WSDL Import
About Port Types and Soap binding Interface and Address of binding
Soap UI Test Structure
What is END Point?
Under standing wsdl
4.Assert And Validating the Response Output
Response Validating using Assert Class.

4.Status Codes
Response validation based on the status codes
Findout Errors with Error codes

5.Sample Project Creation in Soap UI (Testing Scope)
Create new project in soap Ui
Project import and export
Interface the WSDL URL , Binding from WSDL list to Soap UI
Create sample Request
Testsuite and testcase preparation
Message Passing and Getting Response
Verify the Response output
Functional Testing
Manually adding the Parameters’ in xml request

6.Security Testing on Soap UI

7.Load Testing in SoapUI
Thread count, Loops, Timeouts etc..

8.Test Automation
Introduction about automation
Functional automation with Testsuite
Property Transfer from one Response to another Request
Groovy Script

9.Keyword driven execution using external files

10.Data Base Testing

11.Data Driven Testing using external files

12. Save Request and response xmls in soap UI Automatically.

13.Generate HTML Report.

14.Quick intro on webservice writing and adding arguments

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